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1. Black Leather

We are a brotherhood of metal; Chains and leather; Sounds of thunder; Beats in our ears; Friends and brothers; Together until the end; Crazy in the night again; Louder than hell; You know well; This i...

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2. Chainsaw

Chainsaw; He walks in the silence, oh ye; He's a kill machine; And your heart is a stone cold yeah; He never sleep; He walks in the darkness oh ye; Hunting for sins; Ponte:; People are screaming and r...

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3. Fight For Glory

Fight For Glory; Storm in the sky; Soldier passing by; By the gates of asgard; Peoples ask why; Swords and axes, kill the bastard; And blood rain fall from the sky; Glory and pride; And we fight for g...

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4. Keep The Metal Flame

Distant lands unified by only a single sound; One by one, one for all, And all the brothers for one; Fists in the air, long hair, Live to the end by metal; Raise your hands, playing high; Making noise...

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5. One By One

One By One - White Thunder; We fight for glory; through all the battlefields; the false are running; they will be killed by chainsaw; black leather till the end; all crazy and wild; we are all white t...

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