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1. Don't Be Fooled

Don't need nobody, I know the rules; Don't need no ties to bind me; I'm not a fool; I learned them one by one, right from the start; and now I'm getting ready to take the part; getting ready, getting ...

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2. Fool For The Gods

Answer my questions, give me your reasons; you talk from the heavens, you only deceived us; why was I chosen, there must have been others; I gave all I had, the fruits of my seasons; you gave me a kin...

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3. High Upon High

I have seen the other side, seen it through your eyes; a bridge across the city wall, a tower reaching up to the sky; a city o wondrous dream, a place of endless time; to take away your agony, a city ...

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4. No Reprieve

Hangman, hangman, hangman's waiting by the door; he's gonna take me away; leaving, leaving all my time behind; throw it away; you can take my life away; you can't take my soul (chorus); you can take m...

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5. Red Skies

The time was ripe, for life on Mars; when Earth was forming, the zels could see; they came in spheres amongst the stars; they saw our world and let it be; get it right, people don't fight, get it righ...

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6. Way Of The Kings

Who did you buy today; a reverend or a king; to rid you of a problem; someone dropped you in; how high to tell a lie; are you prepared to go; you'd sell your mother; and your soul; for what you need t...

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