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1. For My Love

I try to tell myself that all will be forgotten; I can barely smoke a cigarette; You're the one I need, the only man I wanted; But it's always the end; But you just want that pussy; You know that you ...

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2. Future Husbands Past Lives

Future husbands and past lives; Pretend I'm dead, it's the best lie; Ooh you're the only boy in the world; And I'm the only woman in your church; I'm never gonna give you up; You're only mine; I'm nev...

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3. Overdrawn

Last check this is, set it touch; As you're waiting for your train; Couldn't be.....no good job; Everything is so, so clear; Inside your head, your heart, This looks so good to all of your imaginary f...

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4. Prague

Shame like dirty pebbles; Kick them like a pro; Leaving a warm bed for; For the cold unknown; Gang of kids; Me and friend; He slips inside me, slips a fence; No need to tell me how this ends; A soup o...

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5. They Don't Know

Dear friend just undress me; I am like glass in your hands; Write it down, wish it hard, slip the gate; And we'll run for the line; We go weak in the knees; When we know how it's gonna end; They don't...

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6. Warsaw

Hide your babies, I can travel through time; I'm the girl who makes it out alive; No love lost for your little childs; Cause I'll steal your men; And I'll seduce your wives; I'll drink your wine and I...

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