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1. Alsatian

Kill comfort kill; Im an infidel; A simple sound; A scream to the sky; Slam-sacharine sam; Pushing my pram; With your harlequin words; You turned and said; Sicko psycophants; And with a poisionous ran...

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2. Cigarette Machine

I'm the uncrowned king of the cigarette machine. (Do not back down); It's 5 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 3? o'clock, 2 and I'm so fixed up; I don't know what to do; Hang my own negative me; Motel squares off a...

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3. Cruella

Doh doh doh… Doh doh doh doh; Cruella dying in the room for, Wants to be a spoon for…; Close my eyes, it’s then, ; Elementary, once you’re loose I can’t see. Twenty pounds of mercy come and ease the p...

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4. Girls In The Back

Ok, ok; One two; Whipcrack; Whipcrack; Baiting, feeling like I'm waiting, modern times, valentines, hating, hating to distraction. Just leave them alone, whipcrack, girls in the back. ; I want to get ...

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5. Love Is A Number

Home fires, nothing left to do, not the same old point of view; say you do; little bitches, learn my tricks, all defences i stick up your face; and love is a number; i died on the carpet, now that is ...

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6. Pig Heil Jam

Breathe; Breathe in; Breathe in; Breathe in; Breathe; Breathe in; Breathe in; One two three four; push my foot right through the door; show my shit to the world; best damn song I ever did hear. ; I sp...

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7. Speed

Critically; Downward we fall; Immersed and well closed; Better days are ahead; He says it's alright; It's alright; A little spy; asking for it; The way he's quiet; The gun is too; The way he's quiet; ...

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