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1. Restless

[chorus]; young and restless tryin to make it in this dirty game; I'm on my knee's lord please see me through this pain; come into a thugs life and make a change; forgive me for chasin all the materia...

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2. Right Here Waiting

never meant to hurt you; but i know i did; knocking on my door; baby something gotta give; chasing all these womens; that's how rappers live; i know i did a lot of things that you cant forgive; i was ...

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3. Skraten' Up Part 1

[White Dawg] White Dawg; [Blac Haze] Yeah, Blac Hazeeeee; [White Dawg] Yes sir, Broward Players, sho nuff, Skraten' up; [Chorus: White Dawg & Crowd]; Northside; Skraten' up!!! Skraten' up!!! Everybody...

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4. Skraten' Up Part 2

[White Dawg]; White Dawg; Dozia Slim; Broward Players; Paper Chasers; Yes sir!!! Skraten' up; [Chorus: White Dawg & Dozia Slim]; Northside; Skraten' up!!! Southside; Skraten' up!!! Eastside; Skraten' ...

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