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1. (Chant For) The Queen Of Darkness

Hail to Thee, in Your hate and might; gravely lurks the greatest fright; with Your curse and grace; doom is laid upon the race; in the endless chains of wrath; and those who follow the path; Hail the ...

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2. Death's Whisper

Once a hero so brave; Now forgotten and dying; Solitude, my only friend; Left alone to rot in grave; Last one whisper of death; I've been waiting for it; No more tears, no dreams; Eyes of glass now de...

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3. Requiem For A Soul

the sun is dancing with the moon; blackened moors are singing a song; a requiem for a soul withering away; the wolves are howling their final hymn; they welcome me to their great moutain halls; beyond...

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4. Shattered Dreams

i play cards with death; a deadly deck of greed; corpse dance mesmerising; every scar reflecting; lucky victim of their hate; winds of compassion; recall your memory; the only past you have; cry, in p...

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5. The Raven

the raven so black, like the heart of the night; spreads his wings to soar in the sky; another flight from beyond the dismal depth; tortured by solitude, surrounded with death; the soul returns with d...

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