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1. Black Orchid

So empty, like the life... that ends... ; When leaves come down, They' ll rot away... ...So begins the end. Consternation... Hindsight only the shadow; in profound sadness, effigy of me... ; Just look...

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2. Darkest Side

When hate and fear become united, and blackness veils this ground. Stand here with your heart so cold, and hope for the death of the sun. ; See the rise of black godess, from the torment. It shades th...

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3. Flamescape

My eyes are aching to see; the sight of the sacred grounds; and ears are yearning to hear; its sweet and whispering sounds. Let me tenderly view in disguise; the landscapes of death in your eyes. ; I ...

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4. Forgotten Voices

Forgotten voices, useless feelings, forgiven words said as a curse. ; An echo of a painful scream; wanders in my mind. Borne from the venomous fog; of forbidden memories; haunted by the past. ; Deeds ...

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5. In Poison Sleep

Dream forest, I have come to thee. Insane I seek to be. Poison toads follow me around; as I stalk your fruitful ground. ; Ravens plucked out my lover's eyes. Now I yearn for your bittersweet lies. Des...

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6. Last Sunset

Last sunset, I'll walk from the pit to forgotten valley. As I light the black candle, silently wolves are crying their sorrow. ; I enter myself -; here the sun no longer rises; I search myself -; spir...

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7. Of All The Beasts

Through this life of mine; telling wanton lies; saying sensless words; laughing at my faults... Can I trust her? How? Vultures wait my fall; cawing grief like crows. Useless strife at all... ; I am ju...

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8. On These Endless Autumn Nights

O, Adonay per quem omnia; liberata sunt; libera me ab omni malo. O, Adonay per quem omnia; consolata sunt; consola me. Amen. ; As sunlight fades; and nightfall embraces; this cold and lifeless land. O...

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9. Shine Of Lethe

I'm here, the mist around the trees. And I'm still here, dancing through the skies of nevermore. ; And I can feel your heat; by the ancient stone, where you rest and sleep. (Call me Lethe); And I'm lu...

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10. Twined As One

As I walk through the icy snow, on my way to the winters beauty. Dressed as the mourner. Cold hoarfrost freezing tears in my eyes. ; I'll consume your vicious piety my darling, ruttish sights shall fa...

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11. Winterbird

Through the falling snow; she gracefully flies. A sight not to be seen; by awoken eyes. ; Every time when asleep, I chase her through landscapes. I still can hear her wings clap; and keep running even...

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