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1. Annabelle

I've been struggelin' with the things that I've been hiding in me; I've been strumblin' through the words that I've been trying to speak; I'm just wonderin' if there's anything inside that you see.......

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2. Lottery

Smoke up here's our life regrets, it's what I'm reading on the back of my pack of cigarettes; as I'm cheersin' to the moon with my bottle of wine; that I took home from the liquor store for $5.95; And...

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3. New Orleans

She tells me I'm forgiven, but she won't say what it is I've done; She calls it women's intuition, that makes her think that I've done something wrong; I'm so here to conquer... It's only 'cause I wan...

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4. O'connor Blues

Met you summer on a hit parade, had you in my arms thought I had it made; such a sunny day and the only shade was you; Three weeks pass and you hate my world, such a big mouth for such a little girl; ...

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5. Oceans

I'm so impressed with myself today; I can't express how I felt today when you bit my lower lip; How'd you know I like to kiss that way? You chased my wrongs with your thoughts of me; You tasted songs ...

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