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1. Absolutely Everything

When the future's uncertain, Feel like committing some crimes; You gotta pull back the curtain; Let out those feelings inside; When there's nowhere to hide now; And life is being unkind; You still lau...

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2. Carry On

It's not fair to want to die; When so many fight to live; Far worse off than you or I; With nothing left to give; I'm older and I'm wiser, I'm closer to death; With a chip on my shoulder that's causin...

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3. Create or Die

My life don't mean a fucking thing; I loose feeling; I believe none of what I hear; And half of what I see; Someday I'll find out what life means; Or die trying; Some days it makes me want to scream; ...

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4. Crossroads

Your anguished screams in agony; Your tortured sobs so unsettling; Broken faith that tortures me; Your heart left beating, bleeding on the street; Never got to say goodbye to you; Never got to live my...

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5. Disaster

16th and Broadway 3 the hard way; 3 homeless street kids steal and drink all day; Wake up in the morning everything's alright; Me an sean steal and bomb all night; Whoa it was a disaster; Whoa now wha...

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6. Invisible

We mean nothing to you; You frown on all we do; We're not kids, we're not men; But we will not give in; You can't see us anymore; We're Invisible!

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7. No Heroes In Hell

Working women working me; Well I hope you understand; You gotta live how you live and give what you give; But not by their demand; Well I used to have hopes and dreams, Now we only have hopeless schem...

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8. Peace Through War

Campaigns, bloodstains; Give me a knife I'll carve out your brain; Hard times, land mines; Blowing up, blowing off war crimes; Middle east the streets; Is it the battle that you crave or the taste of ...

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9. Reaper Calling

Initials tattooed inside of my lip; Scars from the bottle on my fingertip; Cigarette burn on the web of my hand; Eardrums shattered from my nights with the band; What was your name it's on the tip of ...

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10. Sacto United

Sacto Sacto, where we're from; Drinking, fighting, having fun; Sacramento, my home & my roots; Through blood, through paint, through booze, through boots; I've got pride where I reside; Where all my f...

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11. Sex, Thugs, Rock & Roll

Got a degree in petty crime and wasted time, For better or for worse; Can't teach me shit, I've got a spoiled mind; It's a blessing and a curse; Streets taught me everything I need to know; When to st...

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12. St. Ides

Friday night, too drunk to drink; I curl up in a ball; I close my eyes and shutter to think; About anything, anything at all; One 40 leads to another in a closet alcoholic life; Got in a fight with my...

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13. Street Corner Gospel

Fuck the world, that's your motto; Like an outlaw desperado; Now with nothing left to lose; So I drown my pain in booze; But I turn to the rock of ages; Cause one sin is contagious; Any more is just o...

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14. Streets Gave You To Me

I got love and bitterness tattooed on my wrist; All I ever wanted was happiness; Clench my fingers and ball my fists; Throw my 40 down, I'm pissed! I need and injection of love, baby, just a taste; Be...

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15. To Be Poor Is a Crime

An industrial strip in the shadow of downtown; Where tempers flare up when the lights go down; Cooking up a batch in a hotel room; Till one bad fume, the place goes boom; Landlord pigs they won't rent...

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16. Whiskey Rebels

Well the government needed revenue and whiskey's where it's at. The people needed whiskey, they didn't need a tax. Hamilton, he didn't care what the people thought; They had moral personal weakness, d...

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