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1. Battlefield

Open that car; And drive for me; We are going to some no man's land; Let's lose ourselves; And nobody else; We are going far away from here; Where the sun burns like my heart; Let's lose ourselves; An...

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2. Dancin' Mode

If you want to see; Just let it flow; If you want to fly; Just let it go; If you want to cry; Just let it snow; If the night comes out; Let it begin; Cause time is freedom; You won't miss a chance; It...

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3. Just Free

I don't care if I'm spinning around; People say you may fall on the ground; Just free; It's just me; People guess; But they don't know my rules; It's a secret I kept on the moon; Just free; It's just ...

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4. Seagulls Sound

I don't know what you're looking for; Even if you find it; If you need just knock that door; Accident; I confess that I'm not too sure; Is it cold or hotter? If you need I'm on that dock; Because I'm ...

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5. Tell The Future

I began from nothing; Here again for fighting; Tears drop; Tears dry to teach; Time became a science; I refuse the silence; Years to try; Fears to climb and win; Write a letter; Tell it better for me;...

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6. Welcome To The Start

Borders can be made; Trees may lose their color; Prayers for the rain; Armies can invade; Hands may use the power; Bombs that separate; It seems that we had gone too far; Wherever you are; As long as ...

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