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1. Arise

Arise, arise; Come from far away; Turn around and come; Arise and come; To my body; Your wickedness may rise from stars; Like smoke of time like dust; Arise; From galaxies to my body come; Don't retur...

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2. Black Ones

Black ones above us; Like eye of god like hand of fate; Black ones above us; Watching, searching, infiltrating; From nowhere they came; From stars of hate; New, strongest opponent; In this game; Soull...

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3. Code

Far in dark stars; Eons before the Christ; Alpha numeric code; Before knot writs; Time tunnels in earth and sky; Before fire melts great ice; Better source of code; To rule the earth to control; Gen-c...

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4. Flash

Flash the sky fire; One moment change everything into dust; Steel angels from agelessness; Sneak attack - total conquer; No remorse the earth must burn; Annihilation living dead; Colonization growing ...

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5. Growing Pains

Slept in the core; Waiting for the call; Hundred miles below; Wrath of one who's old; Temperature is rising; Pain is growing; Pressure is rising; Pain can't be hold; Like a poisoned fruit; Pain is gro...

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6. Nephilim

First one Nefilim; Giant Nefilim; Spawned by Nefilim; Born of Nefilim; Tiamat Nefilim; Kingu Nefilim; Ktulhu Nefilim; I'm Nefilim; Born of the stars at the day before days; Landed on Earth at he time ...

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7. Somewhere In

Gate to second earth; Somewhere in the desert sands; Eternity, immortality; My name is life; Servant of god of sun; I'm creating symbols; Still in burning heat; Key to all minds; Gate to universe; Eve...

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8. Steel Down

First time when you open eyes; After night when fire lick the sky; You recognize your enemies died; You recognize you the only one; You don't know why; You don't ask why; You sentenced to live on buri...

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9. Sun Gate

Gate of sun made of stone; Among the sands of Latin lands; Place of cult like mirror reflection; Day equals night; Day equals night; Gate of sun not man made; Sun gate remembers star voice? Cyclopic b...

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10. The One

My name is road leading world to salvation; I'm the one who holds control over space and time; Locked in the grave; In the city of R'leh; My bolts strike dead; The one who were and will be; When I've ...

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