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1. Ambitions

They say that patience is the key; But waiting was never for me; So I'll break away the anchors; That you've chained to my feet; I know that you only did this for yourself; Your feet resting on the he...

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2. Among Lions

Don't fall asleep, just stay awake for me; I remember the places we used to stand; Did I lose my grip where is your hand; I'm lost and I feel so alone; I'm not a prisoner of dreams; This dream is my h...

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3. Catalyst

Close your eyes, get a grip; You feel yourself start to slip; Losing ground before you even found your feet; The chance is knocking at your door; But you're still lying on the floor; It's time to stan...

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4. Fox Tale

Looking for ways to keep myself focused; On the way that I want to exist; But it's a sad state of life to find; Hiding from the shadows in your mind; This only a game you play, to keep emotions out of...

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5. Half Life

I see your lips are the staircase to your soul; Now you're fighting your feelings; And fearing the shame that you sold; All the times that I blindly followed yo; Can't believe that I never saw the tru...

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6. Here's To Tonight

Shaking hands, perspiring towards; Something that you can't ignore; It haunts you, it brings you back; Not for the faint of heart; This is the hardest part; The choice was yours to make; It's so hard ...

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7. Honor Offer

I'm standing alone, in a room in a crowd; Is there anyone home am I speaking out loud? Is this all just a dream why do I feel so removed; From myself, in your eyes, as I'm screaming at you; Sound off ...

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8. Hourglass

You say, it's hard to say no; These emotions that you hold, give you no control; You're on auto pilot taking you where you need to go; But baby don't leave, I don't wanna let you go; These thoughts go...

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9. Mistweaver

I never thought that things could turn around so quickly; And never leave a trace of where we've been or where we're going; I think I've crossed the line this time; A fantastic mistake to make us wond...

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10. Novelist

I won't let this happen; I won't let you take that, take that away from me; You have a habit of holding me down; So I'm fighting, fighting to break free from your story; So many times I have held back...

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11. Temptation

I know I've seen where this path leads too many times before; You've caught my gaze, but my eyes drift back for more; I'm stuck still stumbling back and forth; But I find myself still searching with o...

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