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1. Dies Irae

Dies irae, dies illa; Solvet saeclum in favilla; Teste David cum Sibylla; It feels like the end og this world; It feels like there’s nothing left for you; Will you be living among the dead? Will you b...

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2. Edge Of Sanity

Do I have to hide my eyes? Do I have to turn away? Narsiscistic love replacing; The touch of a mothers hand; Ballet on the edge of sanity; Will history repeat itself? Do I have to hide my eyes behind ...

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3. Hollow

Feelings I don't understand; Emotional states I can not explain; Emptyness with no apparent cause; You say I'm broken – heal me if you can! Using admiration as a substitute for love; Working to suppre...

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4. Lose Yourself In Me

Follow me through the rainy days; Night falls quickly; Moonlight shining bright tonight; Lose yourself in me and you'll see; how your life will be; if you let go; then you'll never; Listening for sile...

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5. Lux Aeterna

Lux aeterna. lux aeterna; Luceat eis, domine; Cum sanctis, in aeternam; Quia pius es domine; Requiem aeternam; Requiem, dona eis; In the darkest hours; seems like there's no return; falling down; goin...

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6. Requiem

Confutatis maledictis; Flammis acribus addictis:; Voca me cum benedictis; Confutatis maledictis; Rest thy soul in eternal sleep; heaven waits as the earth gently weeps; for you... ; Gone the shadow ve...

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7. Save Myself

Innocent memories; rubbing my skin; Invisible like fragments; of broken glass; I have to stay away; to save myself; I have to go my own way; to feel my heartbeat; I can't resist the offers; you will g...

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8. Shining Path

Sometimes I recall an impression; Your faded face; I have never been so disappointed; You have fallen from grace; I've been drifting away in my life; I lost my leading star; I am sometimes yearning an...

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9. The Falls Embrace

Autumnwinds are dancing in my hair; The world overdrawn with grayness; The leaves painted in colours unknown; From other eyes it might look fair; My eyes were ghastly dim; A paleness had seeped over t...

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10. The Game (fooled Again)

Beauty in every single one; But do I see beyond the veil; You put on for me? Diamonds or ordinary rocks? Am I totally naive? You caught me with your playful eyes; I was fooled again; You touched me wi...

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11. Trusting You

Hoping to stay together allways; That's what you say; Still there's something; You just can't believe in; I say it is easy to escape if the door's still open; I say it is easy to give up if there's no...

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12. Withering Me

Why can't you see the love in me; like the love in me see you; Drowned in seas of agony; of darkness and dispair; Trying to recover but restrained; to the muddy flats of my heart; What's left for me t...

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