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1. After All This Time

You'd better believe it - playing a role; Love it or leave it - out of control; You wanna act mature but to me you act like a fool; You today or tomorrow - which one is real? You're changing so fast -...

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2. All That's Left

Don't remember me for what I became; Just remember me for who I was; I don't expect any one to understand; I don't expect you to understand; Every word that was spoken; Every wound left left a scar; E...

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3. Dernier Cri

I've seen you come and go; Now you're back again; New name new style; But still the same; Is it my fault for still loving this; After so long - I thought I'd changed; But I still remain - I have never...

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4. Family Ties

Empty words just fill the void; In the silence that has come to define us; We lost ourselves in days and weeks; As time passed us by; We never noticed that we were heading; In separate ways - separate...

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5. Forsaken

Made a promise to myself; That growing up did not mean selling out; I cannot believe you turned your back; On everything you said; How can you claim to be free? When you have become a slave; To what y...

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6. Fuck Tonite

Fuck Tonight - I dont' care; The sun is goin down for good; It sounded like a prayer; "It's going to be alright, just hold on one more night"; It feels like it will never end; Feeling like I already d...

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7. Fuck Your Fear

You know what it is you want; You're just afraid to admit it; Because you're afraid of failing; Fuck that - fuck your fear; You know what it is you want; Which is a hell of a lot more; Then most peopl...

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8. Ghost Story

Falling backwards into a time, Repeating memories; Of an empty wasteland, filled with lost; souls; A place where there's no where to go; Seeing through a burned out sun, Night veils over it's rotting ...

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9. Hung Jury

If this was so important; don't you think you; Would be the one to speak up; Your appearance is all the craze; It means nothing when you buy your way in; I'm falling on broken hands; And I have lost m...

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10. I Can't Go On

I offered up all I had; Like a prayer to my guardian angel; Who was the devil in disguise; You got me dying inside; I can't go on knowing what I've done; Woke from the dream thinking that I'd won; But...

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11. I'm Sorry

Will you ever know how much it sucks? To hate myself so fucking much; It's not a lack of love; This just hurts too much; I won't drag this out; This is my last goodbye; After today this won't hurt any...

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12. Keep Talking

I searched all day but I couldn't find a way; To understand the games you wanna play; I'm done wasting all my time; Keep your tricks I'm getting out of line; You can keep on talking and talking; But I...

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13. No Way

I wanted to tell you something; But I just couldn't find the perfect moment; I wanted to show you something; But when it came to me your time was so spent; I wanna communicate - but are you listening?...

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14. String Up

Fucked up and let this sick joke get out of hand; Holding on by the rope I will use to hang myself; No more words or false promises; I'm going to get it done; This time - this time I'll get it right; ...

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