When Nothing Remains

When Nothing Remains - Letras de Músicas

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1. A Portrait Of The Dying

Affliction gain ascendant of the being; Weakness grow sinewy; Try to darn what will befall; And we will misfire; Bewildered of what will occur; We seek, the sinew; We all forgot; Dust to dust; Is what...

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2. As All Torn Asunder

From the first breath to the second; A billion years; Just an instant time for mankind; We have come to the final moment; It's the end; As all torn asunder; The darkness will rise; And our gazes of fi...

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3. Embrace Her Pain

She lives in her shadowland; Deep drowned in misery thoughts; She feels like buried alive; The surface is so high above; She prolong her hand; But no one can reach it; She's alone in her shadowland; D...

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4. Her Lost Life

She holds my soul in her eyes; Her deep dark eyes; So young and yet; They have seen a passing time; I hold her in my arms; Trying to embrace the life; That slips away from her; But it's final now; She...

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5. In Silence I Conceal The Pain

Dream the dreams; In a senseless sleep; And forget the awakening moments; When darkness comes closer; The silence grows old; And the pain obscure deep; Deceive the untrue to reality; A theatre of insi...

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6. Mourning Of The Sun

Once the world was new; In the beginning; We where shining; Then there where changes; The hands of destruction swept forth; Past there where failing; The hearts of destruction heated acute; Prior the ...

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7. Outro: Tears

My darkest pain; My shallow breath; My worshipped sorrow; My longing for death; My time's demise; My silent fears; You see it all; In my falling tears

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8. The Sorrow Within

An empty place; A forceful aspiration; Enduringly within; The tears will fall; From swollen eyes; And a silent scream; Will burst from bleeding lips; It hurts; The sorrow within; Like the silence; Aft...

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