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1. Everything

Brick by brick; And wall by wall; Just like before; I'll watch you fall; Then once again; You'll come to me; Still asking for; My sympathy; I'm not listening; To you anymore; No, no, no; I'm not liste...

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2. Heaven Knows

Heaven knows I've tried, but nothing will give way at all; I always see your face at the start of every day; You always set the rhythm that makes my body ache; Like mortar from a wall it's just your b...

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3. If Only

Thinking 'bout you and me; In a real life tragedy, yeah yeah; You mess with insanity; No reason for vanity, no no; You falling from a tree as life; Its not so hard when you hit the floor; You just bou...

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4. The Promise

If you need a friend; Don't look to a stranger; You know in the end; I'll always be there; And when you're in doubt; And when you're in danger; Take a look all around; And I'll be there; I'm sorry, bu...

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