When Hope Falls

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1. End Of Me

is walk along the past; It converts me to something; The minutes i spend in this hell; Will change me to someone; I don't want to be right now! Little child, shining bright; Show me a way; That leads ...

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2. Scream In Despair

Scream In Despair; My Life burns fast before me... This Hope for Harmory calls my name.... Again my soul is taking me away... ; Nothing's fair; Nothing's right; All by myself I scream; Always The Scar...

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3. Shadows And I

Crawling! Breathing in my own air; You seem like you never cared; Screaming for another life; Left out, but why? Stabbing! This is the only way; A fake and chaotic day; I'm running in circles and agai...

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4. Words Of Your Last Betrayal

It's all in a twist for me..! I'm falling in a dreamworld; I couldn't make you see? The picture all so clear.... ; ''Walking blind in this nightmare''; The motion of the world; Seems to slow down.... ...

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