When Despite She Tries

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1. Blessings

This passed to me in the city; Her parents are from the town; She's searching for a job; She needs money; I was in the bar; And like all the things in my life are just coincidences; Her flight is dela...

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2. Colliding Surfaces

Ready for the rock n' roll; It's predicted a time when the elephants won't desire to be born; Cause of peanut butter jars registered rights; Yo look at me; She can't be lost in her books; I'm like a p...

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3. Dance's Today

And here we go again; She's dancing the sadless jazz; Some stories start with a song; But some of theme wherever she tries; Start with hard drugs; Some nights she realizes he's gone; And she's waiting...

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4. Drive Them Home

Her smile just means a call from an old friend; She's hugging the giraffe from the mall; Anymore than the feeling of desperate; All her toys on the floor and mother love; Written on a paper on the doo...

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5. Holy Macaroni

Girl don't you worry if your days come too late; Your love's a rocket I'm sending to the outer space; It lands on him even on me; You shed no tears; You're an angel coming down; You can wait; You're f...

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6. Impossible To Know

I think you're a ten in my scale; Let me take a look in your eyes for a while; Let me think I can get you just looking at you; This is worse and no one knows; In sexuality I've got my lessons; So I kn...

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7. Pharallel Planes

Wrecks open your mind on a pharallel plane so go; Traffic on Earth doesn't stop and you do what you want; Crazy path for you to go was made yet and you don't sleep; For the resistance I beg; It's enou...

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8. Present

She took me to the same place; So many times I tried to write something; You don't worry about the coincidence; I know how to react; This is just in films; Her most precious stuff is the stuff you don...

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