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1. Fool

Right now I'm about to tear it up with you; Cuz right now I'm about to live it up live it up with you; Oooo oo oo oooo; Oooo oo oo oo; I've been playin', I've been playin' myself up like I'm a fool; O...

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2. In With The Newport

Yeah I'm up at Rudy's, headed to Malarky's; If I get too desperate, catch my face at Sharkeez; I'm the new Sugar Ray but a little less gay; They love me on the beach side all the way to the bay; I use...

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3. Just Take It Easy

We got a world full of right and wrong; But I prefer just writin' songs; Kick back and just get along; Just take it easy; Never understood why all the time people gettin' caught up; In the newest thin...

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4. Sand In My Sheets

Open my eyes to an early sunrise; Clear blue skies so it's time to check the tide; Grab my board then I'm headed out the door; If you need to find me I'll be chillin' at the shore; Sand in my sheets b...

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5. Shark Harbor Lullaby

We've been far across the ocean; Went by car and boat and bus; But so far I'm feelin' closer than we've ever been before; Traveled all along the coastline to our little island cove; All along this wor...

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6. Toast To The Coast

My little beach fire is burnin' and the night is fallin' in; I got smoke in my lungs, sunburn on my skin; Tired enough to get crazy, crazy; Dig a little deeper into the warming sand; Constellations ab...

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7. Weather The Storm

Taking a walk around town; Daydreaming to the sounds; Sun is setting in my head; Riptide is pulling me to bed; I wish I could fly and I could chase all the clouds away; Break away and make into anothe...

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8. When Will I See You Again

Yeah woke up kind of late today; But it doesn't seem to help pass the time away; While I'm away from you seems like there's nothin'; Nothin' I can do, but just think of you; When will I see you again;...

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