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1. Less Talk, More Sleep

Its bad luck to be superstitious now; I read it in a book the end; She says how; Im telling the truth; But whats that to mean before I believe; Everything you say; Everything I say is a lie; I may be ...

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2. Strangers

Lying in the face of what was said to you; From the start of another invitation; One that walks in when the world walks out on you; Always you and me (I know); Theres this lost cause I believe in call...

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3. Take This Home

Seeing you again last nights dream; unexpectedly; The clocks tick by from the other side; the hands run down from the calmer side of time. uncontrolably; Here we go again; It makes sense just to be al...

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4. The Front Of Me

Remember the times from months ago; when you said the front row; was too much too fast; to know, at all; Brake close, be near; Chase quiet, she cant hear; Once more; back i see; and your constantly st...

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5. With Eyes Closed

Dont settle for the one that you can live with; Wait for the one you cant live without; Whats best? A lie that pulls a smile; Or the truth that draws a tear; Is it the time; Standing in line; Making w...

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