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1. (man With The) Iron Fist

Lift the gate, prepare for siege; And let the cannonballs fly; No surrender, no terms of truce; We'll fight till the last man dies; You won't step a foot in my castle; My line is drawn in the sand; An...

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2. Bloody Road To Kharkov

Forward Grenadiers into the storm; From this baptism of fire you were born; Your bravery exceeds boundaries so unknown; Your wounds so deep, down to the bone; Damn this soil, so thirsty for blood; So ...

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3. Panzer Voran

Built to grind, these wheels roll; On the fields where iron crosses grow; Lead on my chariot to promised lands; Let them be conquered by our hands; Rolling, crushing, slashing, smashing; On all piston...

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4. Peiper's Last Stand

I have pledged my oath, I have no regrets; If I was given the choice I'd do it all again; A man lives only once, by the standards he sets; His actions through courage and strength; Will set his legacy...

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5. The Many Rivers I've Crossed

Over the mossel, over the seine, over the marne; Storming past the maginot line; Over the lippe, over the claine, over the vienne; So much ground we have gained; Through summers' heat and winters' fro...

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6. Titans' March

Feel the cold winds upon you face, the frozen winds of war; East meets west, the clash is imminent; Every inch of ground is contested for; Danger lurks in every shadow, don't make a sound; Don't dare ...

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