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1. Dream

I'm on a dock overlooking my mind; I hitch my boat and I drift off; Where fools whisper lies; Everything's a sign when dreams come alive; I'm not crazy at all, my friends they talk; I try to listen, b...

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2. Green

Green; You feel inside so long ago a dream; The sky and sun were real and; Everyone was there to wave you on; Oh sister...oh mother...oh father; It takes by surprise that love never dies; Everywhere e...

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3. Hollywood

It's o.k, it's alright; All alone, summer night, with words you said to me; "Our lives lead other lives when all our senses are; Revealed"; It's o.k, it's alright; In Hollywood, rivers fly; In Hollywo...

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4. Sofia

If I should leave and never return, lite a candle and let it burn; Cause light transcends time; And when it's raining on the avenue, a wind will blow me back to you; This time it's for real; Come home...

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5. Still Lost

A fly on the wall is looking at us; Staring off; It lays on the tongue from someone we knew; Hanging out; If there's a reason then tell me why; Has your lover left? Try to speak before it flies; You'v...

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6. To Die In La

We See; Bright lights, another day, I'm waking up, Into the street, stay on beat, here it comes; Believe; So I get high to lift myself, remembering, I'm running late, I'm running late, here it comes; ...

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7. Trip

Alone on a hill in the summer time; You could dial your mind &; Listen to thoughts made young & pure; Moments never lived til we forgive; A part of ourselves we could never be; Alone for hours, centur...

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8. What Are You Afraid Of?

lost myself inside someone else; I couldn't see the lines between her and me; On a darker road, the fear I've shown; With eyes of stone, he walks alone; What are you afraid of? All the years fade away...

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