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1. Asleep At The Wheel

I'll go, cause I know this is what we need. But when you're right here in front of me, it's just so hard to do. I know all of this was our fantasy. We're headed for tragedy if we can't let this go. ; ...

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2. Burns The World To Gold

I sing my saddest songs in stormy weather. Running from the thunder? Waiting in the grey until the sun slowly rises and burns; the world to gold. Love, it burns the world to gold. ; Lead my trembling ...

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3. Falling Over You

I wonder how long our bridges will stay strong. We float over our world. We surface to find two hearts all entwined. Our quiet nights. ; Won't you follow me underneath the willow tree? They always mak...

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4. Finally The Truth

Is true love really true? does it fade out? does it come back to you? Damn me, and my foolish ways. I just can't see it until it's all been erased. I'm not here to try to hurt you but I've got some th...

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5. Sway

I feel unsettled in the spring and fall. In the seasons that will come and change us all. I can never tell which one of them, is right around the bend. Will I go to sleep or come to life again? The su...

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