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1. Commom Creed

It's a call to love; Love and mercy; It's a call to give; And ask for nothing in return; It's a call to give your love away; It's a call to hope; For the hope of glory; It's a call to live; To grow in...

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2. Do You Tremble

Have you counted the stars in the heavens; Have you walked the circumference of the earth; Have you measured the boundaries of the universe; Do you tremble at the Word of God; Have you uncovered the s...

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3. Fisher Of Men

It's running; And walking; And fighting; And turning the other cheek; It's giving; Receiving; It's hoping; Being bold and being meek; It's laying down your nets; It's laying down your life; To take up...

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4. He Is The One

In the days of Moses and Abraham; They looked to the future; And to the promised land; They looked for a savior; They longed for a Messiah; They prayed for deliverance from the hands of man; Their fai...

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5. Hold On

Making your way through this life and all its obstacles; Can get treacherous; Fighting the fight with weapons not of flesh and blood; Can get dangerous; Stand the ground that you've been given; In thi...

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6. I Believe

I believe; In six days and a rest; God is good; I do confess; I believe; In Adam and Eve; In a tree and a garden; In a snake and a thief; CHORUS:; I believe, I believe; I believe in the Word of God; I...

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7. Lazarus

Martha told Him; "You're four days late; If You had been here he'd still be alive"; Jesus told her; "I am the Life; He who believes in me shall never die"; Then He shouted and said; "Lazarus, come for...

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8. Life Is Precious

Sometimes I drive too fast; Sometimes I risk it all; Sometimes I'm reckless; And act like I'm made of steel; But I'm just flesh and bones; A product of the Fall; Still I have purpose; And this I know ...

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9. Mercy

I am humbled by Your holiness; I live my life in a holy fear; I am taken by Your tenderness; It's Your kindness that drives me near; I find pleasure in Your providence; And how You knew me before I wa...

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10. Move To The Moon

I'm gonna move to the moon; And build a haven; For lost balloons; I'm gonna move to the moon; And find the words; For this lonely tune; That my heart has composed; Far away from these earthly woes; I'...

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11. Optional Thing

You know you hit me; From the blind side, baby; I wasn't looking at all; I tried to dance; And do the rope-a-dope, baby; But I was destined to fall; Well that's the best fall I ever took; I can do wit...

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12. Remember

Remember; Oh, I never will forget; My Ebeneezer; Is the day You paid my debt; So tender; Was the way that we first met; I thought I heard the angels singing; I thought I heard my mama cry; As I walked...

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13. Salt Of The Earth

So hard to find you; In your simple part; Poor in spirit; Pure in heart; Thinking your life to be a small one; Just living and trying to serve; CHORUS:; You are the salt of the earth; Heaven came down...

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14. Simplify

Should have talked it over; Should have thought it through; I think I might have bit off; A little more than I could chew; Well, I have got to get out; From underneath this weight; Or it's gonna kill ...

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15. The Love Of Christ

Incomparable kindness to less than the least; To the broken, the battered, and weak; To all who are hungry there comes a call; To be filled with the fullness of God; It's beyond all you can see; Farth...

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16. The Robe

Anyone whose heart is cold and lonely; Anyone who can't believe; Anyone whose hands are worn and empty; Come as you are; Anyone whose feet are tired of walking; And even lost their will to run; There ...

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