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1. Blaspheme

I guess the dream is over by now; time to see you're timeless; and it's all your fault; come and see there are many ways to die; i hear you whispering, can i chose mine; i never thought who's done me ...

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2. Dirty Saint Xxx

She thinks she´s a saint; She thinks she´s a lady; With all this she´s got nothing; She has beautiful eyes; She has a beautiful face; She´s got a beautiful smile; Real nice ass; Dirty dirty talk; Dirt...

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3. Kill Me Twice

I'm so glad that we made it; I'm still mad that you left me all alone; I'm freezing all night long; You're freezing alone; Oh I lied about my feelings; But we all have our secrets; You can't come ... ...

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4. Miss Vanity

Hey! miss vanity has all the stars like flowers on her crown; An undercover me; I’ll just wait for you to come and taste my wine; Kiss my soul while i kiss your mind; Feel my fantasies; What a scream;...

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5. One Eyed Girl

cuff the player; filth you and i'm impure; harming reason; you are my memories worn; i can hurt you like it were like it were a hurricane; i can love i can curse; i can make you kill for sure; lies wh...

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6. Quaaludes

You can’t walk away / So you try to stay; What i know /is that your time is up; Like a flame we can start a fire; When at last forever in my arms; Now that you’ve come this far come greet me; you’ve j...

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