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1. Ain't Supposed To Rain

Walked through the doors of a happy home; Stepped right in to find myself alone; I don't know why I feel this way; It ain't supposed to rain on a sunny day; Thought of my days as a younger man; There ...

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2. Bad Blood

Things ain't been quite the same; Since you hit me with your hand grenade; I might be just a bit insane; I ain't scared of a little pain; Tell me tell me baby honestly; Do you think there's something ...

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3. Hold On I'm Coming

Don't you ever; Be sad; Lean on me; When the times get bad; When our day comes; And you are down; In a river of trouble; And about to drown; Well just hold on; I'm coming; Just hold on; I'm coming; I'...

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4. Learn To Let Go

Wake up, already in my head; Yeah, I'm in my head, I'm already in my head; Shaking hands and my world is changin'; Down on my knees, I'm beggin'; Can't take another day; Is it over? Is it over yet? Ca...

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5. Leave It All Behind

Sadness lies in hopeless eyes; They trade their futures for family ties; Can't be free in this society; There's nothing here that's left for me; I couldn't stay and just slave away; I keep my promise ...

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6. Legendary

Take a look around me; Taking pages from a magazine; Been looking for the answers; Ever since we were seventeen; You know the truth can be a weapon; To fight this world of ill intentions; A new answer...

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7. Love In a Minor Key

Blood is hot, but your heart is cold; Got nothing but the best intentions; That don't make it gold; I gave you everything I had; My money, my happiness; Don't need that much from you; Just more than t...

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8. Never Meant To Be

Draw back your shades; Don't miss-behave; Open up now, breathe it in; How's it do ya? So hard to see they put a name on me; Make it dirty. wash it clean; Must be perfect in between; Never meant to be ...

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9. Night Prowler

Calling me after dark; Is like countin' all your lucky stars; MM it's like, oh pretty lady; What makes me crazy; Is everything that you are; And I see ya over there; Your intentions now they are clear...

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10. Sanctuary

When the darkness don't let you sleep; I'ma hold you close; And when space is all you need; I can let you go; And if the spark in your eye goes out; I can be your glow; Bringing you home, yeah; Bringi...

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11. The Touch

Get your mind out the gutter babe; You laugh when I stutter babe; You think you'd do so much better; I ain't buyin that; You hold me back when I'm walkin; You do all my talkin; Like you're the only on...

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12. Three Dark Days

Three dark days; Three dark days; Three dark days since they locked me away; It's been three dark days; Cold as hell; Cold as hell; It's been cold as hell in my lonely cell; It's cold as hell; Change ...

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13. We Move Easy

We're like the trees in the wind; Where the water bends; We move easy oh, you please me; Press those sweet lips up to my ear; Tell me softly why you're still here; Put your cold hands all over me; Hel...

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14. Who Knew

Smartest in the room, you're the last to speak; No one ever questions anything you say; I know you had dreams that you traded in; I've always thought; You're a bigger man for that; Cause you were pass...

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