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1. Annual Ring

Spiders; My hands like white spiders; Lie cold on my knees; Lost; In endurance that beckons; I sit still beside me; The last laugh; And the wearing of time; Is never fast enough; It's never fast enoug...

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2. Chantal's Secret

She talks and she walks; And she leaps; Then she dances; And I'll never know; Chantal's secret; A name then a colour that blinds; You could see her; Running on the sand; If she were not so far away; S...

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3. Held Inside

Waiting for the silence to talk; Don't let me leave you alone; Sleeping; Screaming; In your bed of stone; And the stones seem to shake; Shake everytime I drown your voice; Your words inside of me; Wat...

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4. Like In a Mirror

Another kind of violent light; Grows and crawls around my feet; Where the senses; Seem to be so unreal; Drunk with meanness; Haunted toy; I move towards the glass; Deathless through the joy; It was in...

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