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1. Crystal Images

Crystal Images; Love's reflection in a mirror; Is your own image in my eyes; Twice I gathered sand; Which meant nothing then; Emptiness in my hand; You my emptiness; Giving birth to hope; Twain vanish...

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2. Dark Waters

Father of the endless skies; Be the guiding source within; I need your wisdom's inner light; To keep me from dark waters edge; Walk with me; Another radiant dawn sends new hope; I yearn to be free; Fr...

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3. Darkness In My Heart

Darkness In My Heart; When all is forgotten and all is forlorn; As the sun darkens into pits for the day; When the river flows with blackness; It is said that all falls down in silence; When lovers ki...

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4. Deep Regret

Deep Regret; Love me drown me in your eyes; Hold me never leave me alone anymore; This kiss breathed life in me, life in me; Caress me where the wounds bleed; Beneath a dark sun we fell; Into our fles...

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5. Innocent Cries

Lost in this darkness of firefly illusions; My heart beats incessantly feel my emotion; Sweeten the air that I breathe; Guide me away from my grave; I don't want to leave. ; To shelter me from these d...

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6. Of Light and Shadow

Come with me, trust in me, come with me... ; Come with me, I'll make you see; That I own everything you need; On your soul I will feed; For eternity; Listen to me, believe me; I'll give you all you th...

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7. Promises Broken

As I sit here on my own; Reflecting on my life; Things not as they were meant to be. ; When did it go wrong? We couldn't get along; Did you think I would not bleed? How foolish I've been; I gave you m...

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8. Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why; Seasons have passed years they have gone by; Is time the great healer its made out to be? We carry on our heads held high; But inside our broken hearts are hid, hidden from sight; Tell me...

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9. Theatre Of Life

The breeze seems to be talking to me; It's whispering my name...tonight; And the wild horses upon the seas; They're urging me... ; Remember your pride, just do what's right, What are you waiting for? ...

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10. Within White Walls

Icy lake of frozen memories; Sliding days of in between; Reflections bleed and bloom; Life forms with twisted shadows; Lurking figures, living memories; Hollow faces appear amidst; Ghastly dreams in h...

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