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1. Magical Trevor

Everyone loves Magical Trevor; 'Cause the tricks that he does are ever so clever; Look at him now, disappearin' the cow; Where is the cow heading right now? Taking a bow, it's Magical Trevor; Everybod...

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2. Magical Trevor Is Back

He's back, and he's got a a new trick! Magical Trevor is ten times as slick as the last time! The last time, you saw him! Now I can see why you really adore him! You might think he unbelievably sick, ...

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3. Pie Song

tryin' to get some pie; I don't care... what inside it. I eat it anyway. I just want to be right beside it. cover it with cheese. maybe gravy, maybe mash potato. don't bake one. don't bake one. don't ...

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4. Scampi

I've seen things, I've seen them with my eyes, I've seen things theyr often in disguise, Like carrrots,handbags,cheese,toilets, russians,planets,hamsters,weddings,poets,stalin, Kuala lumper,pygmies, b...

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