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1. Black Ghost

I’ve returned from another world; I’m back for something that I don’t know; Evil nightmares while I’m awake; Are they signs? Are they trails? Like a Black Ghost – white cold flesh covers me; With a Bl...

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2. Cockroach

Through the ages we have killed; Everything is gone at once; See the world loosing its face; Fragile human existence; Father hear me; I’m a slave; Make me a master; Take me away; The final prophecy is...

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3. Embracing Darkness

Everything dies inside me. In a river of tears I shall drown them all; Priestess come near, embrace me with no fear; Kiss me like a newborn rose; A widow of love, A bride of veil, with me in her arms;...

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4. Full Of Sadness

As I stand alone in a room; Looking more like a tomb; I can sense you coming to me; Rejoicing at my misfortune; Your dark figure before me; Flashes like thunder; And I pray darkness gives birth to ano...

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5. Futility's Lullaby

As the night pours its darkness; And the moonlight embraces my skin; Mourning hymns are sang by the trees; As the winter breeze flows through the leafs; Starlight brings the dead past here to the pres...

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6. Ghost Of Silence

I hear you in the silence; I kiss you in the emptiness; I feel your breath in the air; I know you are always there; God prays for me no more; God prays for me no more; God prays for me no more; Enter ...

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7. Golden Ring

(I remember the attic; Full of lightened candles awaits; It keeps a well hidden secret; Wasn’t it your Golden Ring? Now that the light is gone; Something was missing all time long; I see you calling m...

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8. Lunar Light

Washed by the Lunar Light; Listen to them screaming in silence; Under the Lunar Flare; Their eyes are glowing; They’re singing a song; For the broken hearted; They’re crying at the wind; That carries ...

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9. Rust

A sea of hate is not enough to wash my pain away; The books of wisdom won't tell me why you fade to grey; Cold rain's in your eyes now where springs once come and gone; Don’t know how can I still hope...

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10. Sorrow Means Madness

Walking through the alley; With the meaning of life; Trying to find the answers; That brought me here from the afterlife; Sorrow means Madness; It means endless pain and sadness; Walking through the a...

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