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1. 3rd Of November 1324

'horse and hattock, horse and goe; Horse and pelattis - hoe, hoe'; Roofcrests tho' fog florish'd; Vily there veil'd the women; Thro' soot, amidst chimneys who sail'd; Mankind in its waddling cloths; S...

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2. A Rosethorn By That Very Name

To Mona; ; If home is where the heart is; I could not be more away; On her threshold broken; in the door-frame jamm'd; There's no gold over the rainbow; nor silver hid in the clouds; Thou art Kansas, ...

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3. Swordsong For A Swordsman

\"Violence is the last refuge of the; incompetent\"; -Salvor Hardin; ; This is my swordsong for all swordsmen; drawn to meet each blow; May mettle versus metal; lay it down that no more blood shalt fl...

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4. Where do Owls Sleep?

i. Karma Relative; Grant'd all are greater or lesser reborn; am I the lever pick from a bird's view? Could wake a king and with wing as howlet sweep; tell me:; -Where do owls sleep? Out of the sow's e...

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