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1. Hey, Mr. Brown

man i think it's just a little sleazy; you said you was like butter but you're cheesy; to treat me like i'm spinner bait you can't wait; go fish off some other dock; chorus:; hey, mr. brown; don't hav...

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2. Punk Ass Bitch

she wriggles and she wraggles; she gigglesand she gaggles; you stand and watch her pass by; your line of vision ass-eye; you think that 'cause she smiles; that you turn all her dials; but you don't se...

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3. Teenage Dirtbag

Her name is Noelle, I have a dream about her, She rings my bell, I got gym class in half an hour; Oh how she rocks in Keds and tube socks, but she doesn't know who I am;; And she doesn't give a damn a...

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