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1. All In Your Head

Waking up at two a.m., I find myself alone again; And your, on my mind; And the voices coming from the TV; Playing these games, I can't believe; That your not coming back, Cause I could tell you why t...

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2. All Talk

The door's on fire; we're trapped inside; I don't think we'll make it through this; you left a shadow on my wall; and it's been haunting me all night; I feel so down here on the ground; the war is don...

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3. Believe

I've been thinking through the things you said from the night before, Yeah, I'm thinking through the pieces; and I'm not there anymore, And it's getting harder, and you're getting colder, and this roo...

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4. Closer

You call me crazy; But I think that; I'm just falling in love; I see you moving; Like you do and, oh; I can't get enough; You pull me in, yeah; And then you're; Turning away; (away, away, away); You k...

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5. Go

You got me in the nightmare baby no matter what I do, I cann’t get it out; Everything around me is freezing, and I don’t know…; Make it out from this mess up would stuck with you cann’t talk it; I wou...

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6. Out In The Rain

I'm driving in my car to where I think you are; cause I'm not ready to let it go; your voice is in my head; but the words make no sense; is it just me that's holding on? so just take a breath tonight;...

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7. Planes, Oceans And Symphonies

She woke up, put on her dress; She stared up said "I'm a mess"; Well girl you know I still believe in you; She said "I can't take these rainy days, they just never go away"; Well I think I might know ...

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8. Postcards

You dropped your coat by the door; I ran outside to watch you drive away; From me; And my eyes; They won't believe; My heart is trying desperately to beat; And lately I'm speeding up my breathing; And...

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9. Rainy Day

Heres another rainy day; To complete my luck; And I lost everything; Because she was the light in my sun; And the life in my body is slipping away; And I made my mistakes; And I'm screaming Oh, Oh, Oh...

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10. Sick Of Tonight

I saw her leave about and hour ago; She's gotta hit the road and I'm gonna hit the ground; The ground; God she's impossible; She's losing me and I'm just losing sleep; Yeah, I'm just losing sleep; So ...

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11. Weather or Not

So how do you do it; so how do you keep your legs so still; while running miles in my head and out the door; my heart is racing; and I've been pacing back and forth; and this thunderstorm may swallow ...

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12. Wish You Would Stay

You've got it going on; And i think that you should know; I like the way you more and the things you do; Yeah all the things you do; And it's the feeling i get inside; That keeps me up at night; Cause...

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