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1. Dancing On Nails

Saw you come in from across the room; with that look in your eye; Imagination running wild; I'm doomed to a good morning-good bye; You got me sick and I can't find the remedy; Your breath against my n...

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2. Easier To Leave

When she touched me, a bang shot through; My bones and lit my soul on fire; She set me free, she filled my heart with pure desire; A beating in my chest I can't resist; and I need it, oh I need it; No...

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3. Never Turn Back

Get back get back this is not a test; Run away, she's gonna eat you alive; My heart my heart's beating out of my chest; Cause your hell, is our heaven; She shakes she shakes she's a teenage dream; She...

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4. Someday

Go to sleep; My angel I'm on my way I swear; I'll find my feet; And make my way from state to state till I; I see your face, breathe you in in ecstasy; I pull you in, and never let you go; I've been w...

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5. The One

This feeling that you're giving me, I can't replace it; There's a fire burning deep inside that I can't stand; A raw kinda connection and I can't erase it; Knock back that drink and take my hand; I wa...

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