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1. Afterwards

the horizon will be bent; the sun will always, and, there's still a thousand birds singing:; "nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing nothing, nothing"; -tweet, tweet-; a raft by itself; a raft amongst man...

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2. And So On

a love of a life is staying at; home, some trains are empty; a wire's cut off. and so on, a stone sinks in water, 3 years; went by. these people KNEW freedom, these people; knew why. and so on. and no...

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3. Hello, Square 1

Balancing on a padded floor, with a book and a suitcase... learning how high up the tightrope was, when sdrawkcab was in; and the sun will set around 5.15 and we're made out of water; yeah, we know so...

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4. I Must Destroy

if i roll the dice and choose; to forget; if i drink so much beyond regret; say please and say thank you you you you; claim i don't mean it at all; you're the perfectestest feeling that i ever; knew, ...

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5. N R A

it's always better with resolve; and words will be there 'til; the very end; it's always better when you're proud, real, real, real, real, proud; and you've got lots of friends in heaven 2; it's alway...

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6. Noir-esque

4am. it's funny how the lights move so slow now; i wonder what einstein would have said; if he saw the seventh night bus; that look, but doesn't see me; am i not desired? am i not exposed enough? 4.10...

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7. Synchronized Diving

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na; crawling down your walls i am; the invisible man. i never get involved but doing; the best i can; i really really like to hurt you; but invisible; can't; ...

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8. Tail As You

clink clink clink clink clink; i had a dream; me. and you. inside a perfect circle - o; funny it seems, that dreams begin; we make up, lay forgotten; please forgive me lust deceived me i knew everythi...

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9. The End Of History

hanging out 'round the microphones; NOTHING can compare; we trade with our hands, we trade with our hands; no one knows you; and i am allowed to worry, i am allowed to spend; free to keep talking abou...

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10. Tricycle Joyride

this is my empty; space, this is my maqseurdae; i am the face that peeks through the window; i am the one that is locked; in this spider web; this is my childhood windowodniw; these are ALL my brokkch...

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11. True / False

Raise your hands to disco machine. It will tickle you to laughter, it will put your sleep to dreams; It is a wonderful journey/science fiction flick; Where oil runs out and all cars run on milk; While...

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