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1. Atlantic

I cannot see you; Over and under and; I cannot make you out through the crowd; I searched the whole world to find you and; Never once did I wonder should I; Should I tell you I love you; Should I tell...

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2. Best Laid Plans

If I had alarmed you; I didn't try; I'm tongue-tied; I got be honest; I'm terrified; To fly blind; I tried to disarm you; I played this part; A thousand times; The hunter's the hunted; I'm terrified;;...

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3. Sound Of Love

Sound Of Love; ; I know this is starting to be undeniable; And I know this may be starting to feel like a little bit of you in me; And I know you will plan this down with the precision of the military...

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4. St. Paul

Sister, sister; Tell me, where are you running? To take some comfort with your family and friends? Tell me why it always feels like I'm running; And why no place feels like home in the end; Don't feel...

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5. Typical

Crack the spine and relate us to yellowed words on brand new pages; All we are; All the volumes; Can't contain us; So place your blame and punctuate it; With sharp-tongued words from sharp-tongued sag...

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