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1. Hipshake

I see your hips shake like a killer; I see your eyes flash like a mirror; Take my hand and we'll go into the town; My head it pounds and pounds; Tell me what you want baby; (I wanted everything); Tell...

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2. Magazine

I read it in a magazine; That nothing's ever what it seems; You live your life in fairytales; You're off the chart; You're off the rails; Join the dots and work it out; Oh, i know what you're all abou...

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3. Play You

I fall into your eyes of blue; These big gigantic pools of you; It's not like me but what can i do? I forget; And all my friends said just look out; He'll get in your head; And he won't get out; Uh oh...

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4. Strut

C'mon let's go; And turn it up; The way you walk; The way you look; I see it coming; Like a promise; Like a rocket; In the night; You know; You're driving me round the bend; And up the wall; You think...

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