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1. After All

After all; This is heaven; But being biblical; Is so dramatic; We took this hook; To sooth the fevers; By hook by crook; Become believers; look at me; This fruit's not fell; Far from the tree; But thi...

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2. Buffet

We're coming for you we sail on a sea of hope; We'll come find you we see by your guiding light; No other feeling, no other needed, to stick with a feeling that we'll be up close; and warm with you wh...

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3. Centrefolds and Empty Screens

You were warned what was happening; And you still fall short; Cant separate from, a smiling face; Cant separate from, a warm embrace; Cant separate from; From all the lies and all these needs; We've b...

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4. Divisive

I was looking at you; You were looking at me; It was easy to see; That it was one of your lies; Is it working for you? Cause it's working for me; Let's count to three; No it's not hard to disguise; Wa...

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5. Hear It In The Cans

We made band; With our own hands; To expand; To touch the sand; Let me hear it in the cans; Sitting down here with an empty box; (Answers for everyone); Plug goes in the hole; (Derailed onto a final p...

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6. Hero Knows

We won't; We won't stay where there's no one; We won't play ring-a-rose son; We're not here for duration; We've no patience; Don't; Baby, please don't; With away the dark days; They're the ones that m...

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7. Honeytrap

This sound don't break, don't make me; This sound don't, please don't make me; Switch on TV; Flashback Taylor's talking; When you go see me; This is a final warning; Is it a calling? Or am I only drea...

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8. How To Make Friends

What do you want? Deep underground; Hear the mice make a sound; As they scramble around; Gathering ground; Of the seasons abound; All the things that you found; Calvary fall; And artillery fall; And t...

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9. Love, What You Doing?

This, this is part of the question; Minor indiscretion; Babycake's got shakes; And we've all got problems love; Love, what you doing? You're wild at heart and proven; A jumping jack to rhythm; To rhyt...

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10. Oh

Oh! – we have band; We always said we wanted; Oh, oh, oh; Take your time, take a seat, take a sit down; Deep breathes, look around at the surrounds; Blinding me, blinding you, as they astound; Sipping...

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11. Piano

We wanna know; What it's all about; We wanna know; Know now; We wanna know; What it's all about; Does it all add up? When we're out of love; And you're done talking; And I'm done talking; Will we find...

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12. Tired Of Running

I won`t make the same mistake x 2; Again; There is no game x 2; That stuff to play; When you get tired of running x 5; Miles and miles you came; Searching is written down on your face; You were hyster...

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13. Visionary

Even in a town known for its extremes; People achieving things through any means; Made of fear and insecurities; We understand, but we're confused; A pale faced redhead on the social scene; Sickly loo...

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14. Whb

We came from nowhere with a certain dedication and devotion; We were beholden to the way in which we lived with such emotion; And so we mingled with the people, You'll no see us you'll not know us; On...

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15. Where Are Your People

Where are you people? You're running from your people; Here in the cold with a breeze; We're asking for you; Out in the heat of the desert; They're calling for you; Down where it's crowded and wet; Th...

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16. You Came Out

You came out and you were wasted; You went home and turkey basted; You like jack cause that's your poison; Take it down take it deep down; Scream and shout; You can dance so just show them; Stone cold...

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