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1. Baby Please

I can see by the way that you look in your eyes; People talkin to me but I'm up in the skies; You're so fine; You know I live in the moment; I live for the thrills; & The way that you hold me; Is givi...

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2. Cold Stone Lips

She got coldstone lips; With his heart in her hand; She laid him out flat cold, as they lay in the sand; Took him by surprise that she roll that way; Look and stare; Couldn't turn her away; Not for a ...

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3. In The Moment

You've got my attention; The moment you mentioned; The music you like; I feel the attraction; Your eyes are a reflection; Of your heart; What if this is something? What if it's the real thing? Baby yo...

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4. Running in the Sun

Go on baby; You know you got a something; The kinda thing in my life; I've been needing; Yeah I know you're so fine; Hot in the summertime; Oh yeah; One or two ways to do this; You get to know me bett...

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5. The Way We Touch

I've got my hands around your neck; My lips upon your chest; You love it how I need you boy; Oh dare I say the rest; The people they can stare, I don't mind it, I don't care; As long as we together, w...

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