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1. Anesthetic Parade

Sleeping his only escape from it all; When he's dreaming, he gets a chance to escape from the world and leave it behind; He doesn't know what is real, but he knows he'd rather not deal. He doesn't kno...

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2. Better Off This Way

You've got me pinned against this barbed wire fence, while my white hands try to write me free; I'm tired of drawing on my eyes; I'm tired of wasting words that keep me locked inside; I want to say ho...

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3. Blue Coat, Black Hair

i never told you what you needed to hear; that's so untrue; you said it never even looked like i cared; well, how about you? how could i forget you were the one who jumped the gun? have you thought ab...

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4. Camera Tricks

hey, you, don't need your benediction; i'm through flipping through your fiction; if you want a camera trick; then find a counterfeit; i'm here cooped up, engineering; you're there looking for a clear...

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5. Close Your Eyes

you told me who you were; but i guess i never heard; you thought it treason; 'til i saw you from the floor; running out the door; you had your reasons; but don't close your eyes; 'cause you might need...

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6. Don't Need A Thing

outside of a level head with the glasses drying at the edge of my bed; i just need some time alone for awhile; locked up in an empty tomb with your photographs spread on the floor of my room; remindin...

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7. Grand Divider

he stepped upon the stage with those empty adolescent eyes; tattoos to make his rouse in a heart sling screaming whine; well, the crowd ate up his words but i just don't see the point of trying to sin...

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8. Hey Love

hey love, where'd you get those bright blue shoes? instead of love songs i see you like to dance the blues; you're a star in the lights in the middle of the night; all the boys are coming out; well no...

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9. Nation, Forgive Us

You want to talk about indecision? Just take a look at all the Seminole lies; We are the product, misinformation, a generation milked by a Columbian high; Then we could trace it to a loud salvation; B...

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10. Now You Know

you've got your makeup on; rock 'n roll Vietnam; your boots are leather; pull yourself together; say yeah, oh yeah; well, the air is fit to figure; your sweat mixed in my glitter; don't be afraid of a...

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11. Parody At The Masquerade

I tried to be a man; I tried to play the part; Thinking growing up was reaching out and thinking on our own; I've learned a little bit and figured out the truth; that everyone just wants to tell you w...

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12. Pretty Boy Fury

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah get wild! It's another ment to be; Just stop and go on home; They'll never get a break; But never prone a bone; The singer is to fate; and has a baby stuck; and the bear ...

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13. Saturday Night

suzie was one-of-a-kind living a dozen lives; she'd always try and act them out; today she was a pop beauty queen, then a ranking marine; and it's me in her target now; i don't know how she tells me t...

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14. So Physical

she's got a rat-tail hanging down; her bangs clipped off at the ceiling; she told me i'm a rebel now; like a freewheelin' Bob Dylan; everything's so physical; and i'm just looking to smash; the she ya...

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15. Soap Opera

I was a ghost from outer space; Alien to the human race; I felt a tear inside my chest; Love at first sight I was obsessed; Now I am dancing in the rain; and I just hope she knows my name; I finaly fe...

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16. Still Don't Know Your Name

i met you in the bar then i took you to my car; turned on the radio you took me to the stars; i still don't know your name; we stood up and parted like criminals flee a scene; took it all for granted ...

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17. Venus

she's a sly cat; plaster white; shoots her mouth like a firing squad, uh huh; see her ruby jive; swingin' her hips like the Aphrodite; well, sugar ain't free, it's a lemonade; i spit a couple of teeth...

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18. You're My Halo (prom Song)

i've got my gun to the face in a magazine; i've got the world but you've got me on a string; i never knew a touch could make me feel alive; and then i kissed your lips and thought that i had died; wel...

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