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1. Burn

I can feel your fingers; When i close my eyes; Take your poison love inside; I fall into dreaming; I've been waiting for your touch to bring me home; Sleeping death will come and lead me out of; the s...

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2. Bury Me Alive

There's no use in crying; All my tears won't drown my pain; Free me from your sorrow; I can't grieve you again; I watched you let yourself die; And now it's too late to save you this time; You bury me...

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3. Don't Leave Me Behind

It won't go away; These aching memories still dance around me; Spilling over everything with beauty; I see your face in everything before me; Your voice is haunting me; I belong with you now; Oh, plea...

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4. I Am Only One

Memories fade into the silence; Haunting me tonight; With hopes last breath I take this moment in; It will be the last; That morning breaks; And sunlight takes the pain away; Ever after never came; An...

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5. I Will Stay

Tonight I'm without you; The raindrops are falling; With candlelight burning; For you I'll be waiting; Here; If all of our days have no more light; And all of our dreams are lost tonight; The stars ca...

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6. Paradigm

Falling to my knees before you; So ashamed to see my weakness fill your eyes; Needlessly I let myself stray before you; Now I face the consequence of my betrayal; My paradigm; My sweet love I breathe;...

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7. Samhain

Memories flood through my brain; Tears drown my heart filled with rage; Blinding silence takes your place; Broken forever by this life; Why; Wake from where you lie; Don't say goodbye; I'm praying for...

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8. Separate Ways

Here we stand worlds apart; Hearts broken in 2...2...2; Sleepless nights losing ground; I'm reaching for you...you...you; Feeling that it's gone can change your mind; If we can't go on to survive the ...

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9. Sleep Well, My Angel

Watching you sleep for so long; Knowing that I can’t turn the rain into sun anymore; I’ve given you all that I am; Now I stand here too scared to hold your hand; Afraid you might wake to see; The mons...

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10. St John

This night is alive with the smell of insane; It's reaching for me and it's calling my name; I beg for silence to drown out their weep; How did this asylum become where I sleep; So ashamed of waking; ...

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11. Tear The World Down

I fold another day; Lose another chance to break away; From all I cannot bear; I suffer through the shame; Wishing hope would just abandon me; Till this is over; My loveless light; I’m lost in you ton...

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12. Through Hell

Are we alone; Is there more then we believe in; Haunting these walls; Shadows crawling out reveling; Fear in me; Stays in me; The nightmares inside here; My dark fears all in my head again; The nightm...

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13. Without You

Do you see me , I stand before your eyes; here in pieces, let me in your mind; when did love fade, why are we at war, where did we fall, where did we go wrong, have we lost it all? Oh I let you go to ...

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