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1. 3.5 Inches Of Fury

I make up all the words to this song every time we play it; Nobody ever pays attention to the lyrics anyway; 3.5 inches is embarrassing to some, but it will be hell for you; 3.5 inches of hard r, triu...

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2. An Irrefutable Regression

Beneath the line of sight, slowly they file in; Unbeknown to the peons, the serpents return; The air reeks of deception, corrupt in their judgments of all involved; The agenda of the irreverent, a cau...

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3. Antiparadigm

Suppress my motives for a moment, Just a bit don my guise while my; Plans are set into motion all; Those present, ignorant or perhaps; Just indifferent?empty shells; With no souls left inside, begging...

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4. Aqua Regia

Disjointed, loyal to none; Besieged inside this present dystopia; Our legacy has since been brandished; This mental enslavement is the knife plunged deep into our throats; The end result of an empire ...

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5. Failing At Failure

The atrophied mentality that this communal holds; The endless endeavor to achieve perfection a futile notion; Forsake truths regarded mortal law; Human weakness, evoking self satisfaction; Carnal deli...

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6. Machiavellian

Incarnations, the very essence of my mental anguish; Superseding an unconscious rationale; Focusing on the developmental antithesis; Thus ordained, I am the one now set a breed apart; No more scratchi...

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