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1. 5 More Drinks (Know Your Limits)

You'll have 5 more drinks tonight; And there'll be 5 more girls in line; But when you get home tonight; I hope you'll be thinking of me; And there'll be 5 more fireflies that were dancing in your eyes...

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2. A Year and a Day

Lets run away forever over mountains; out to sea; The sun our only guideline; it's the only time we need; And I will write you letters; from the back seat of our car; And we'll drive somewhere for hou...

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3. Bones

My bones are like feathers, they quiver and quake. But unlike my heart they don't easily break. My brain is a crossfire, a war barricade. But my walls were left shattered the day that you came. ; I do...

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4. Carry Me

The path is worn by the feet that trod before; I follow on but I'm wondering what for; This feeling's eating, it's rotting to my core; It brings me to my knees and I surrender to the floor; I'm trying...

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5. Extraordinary Despondency

Why don't you burn me at the stake like; I'm some kind of martyr; Cause all that's left of my life is pain and disaster; They'll send out a warrant and then they'll come after; To capture the dragon t...

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6. For The Keeping

Close the door; I don't wanna let the cold in; Cause the night is getting older and I'm tired; Hold me close; And I won't let another soul in; Cause you are everything and all I need tonight; You have...

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7. Hello Sanity

Hello sanity did you miss me; You seemed to disappear when he kissed me; Out of my mind, out my head; I looked for nothing but found you instead; So hold me up against the light; And you'll see that I...

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8. Lost

My heart's not the issue, it's my head that's a mess; I gave the world my everything and got back a lot less; I know that I'm not living I'm only alive; I may still be breathing but a part of me's die...

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9. My Dear Beloved

I've been sleeping far to long; My bodies waking with a song; It's late October and the leaves blanket the ground; And I see people hurry past; They chase the sun that's fading fast; It's late Novembe...

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10. One Three One

I'm so tired of waking up feeling alone; In a house that I can't call my home; In a box that's not strong enough to hold; My need to be living not just breathing and feeding my bones; They say that yo...

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11. Stay

Stay (Rihanna cover); All along it was a fever; A cold sweat hot-headed believer; I threw my hands in the air I said show me something; He said, if you dare come a little closer; Round and around and ...

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12. What I Have Done

Don't believe what you've lead yourself to believe; When the ones you trust the most; will make you beg on your knees; And they'll tear you into pieces till they've got what they need; Then wake you u...

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