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1. Fire Under The Wheels

I get restless in the nighttime; I got full-tilt Indy dreams; When I get an itch to move; I strap into my streamlined machine; Jacked up rear suspension; Sounding baffles blown; Growling like an anima...

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2. Hell Comes Home

Beware of model citizens; Somebody's gonna take a fall; End of the line for killing time; No more backing up against the wall; Desperation in the land of plenty; Somebody has forced their hand; Brough...

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3. Heroes Die Young

Still stealing scenes in faded blue jeans; He stands alone a face apart; A world away inside my heart and dreams; He was a hero to me, a hero to me; But heroes they bleed and heroes die; Never cared a...

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4. How The West Was Won

On the news today they said we got something to fear; All the experts down at the bar and grill say; "It can't happen here"; Turn around, there's a few new faces here in town; Well sometimes I look an...

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5. Out Of Control

The man is evil; But he's the evil you know; You gave him power; But it's too much to hold; He's got to have it all for himself; And methods don't matter; Nor does anything else; I can use what doesn'...

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6. Singing To The Night

I am a fighter pushing to the top; Can't stand still, never stop; I am a rebel, look at me; I'm living out my own fantasy; Always outside, looking inside; Going my own way; Never break the silence; Bu...

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