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1. Around The Turn

Magic slipping; Tightly gripping; Exhale waiting; Dedicating; Lower slower; Glowing flower; New dawn fading; Will pass over; Give up on the drifting; Get up, I'm resisting; Falling out; Take it, drivi...

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2. Assassins Of Youth

Straight out didn't know what to do; So I took out the crown; Started cleaning the room with some Pink Floyd; And I looked at the floor; I was hoping for more full canisters to help this; Pass out bla...

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3. Not Meant For Me

You think you're smart? You're not, It's plain to see. That you want me to fall off. It's killing me. Lets, see, you've got the gall. Come take it all. The jury is coming, Coming to tear me apart. All...

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4. She

We are all glass; And our friends electric; This is our Dark Nation; This is my secret weapon; And you know when it's driving; Could I feel more alive? Always thriving; And she is everything you see; ...

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5. Shifter

It's hard to resist the feeling that; All these choices in our lives; That everything is superficial; Show of strength with a hit; It's a promise; Carefully plan this re-emergence; Shadow play lost co...

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6. Slave

Blow it up; My condition; My conviction; Couldn't stop if I wanted to; Oaths of my addiction; This affliction; For you it's methodical; Modern day Gods do it all the time; Counting on the ways; Do ano...

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7. Static Killer

Everything is what you see; I take a beat; I love a screamer; Take it all; You take it deep; Intensity; A static killer; Give me everything you got; We get so high; A demolition; Automated champion; A...

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8. The Creatures Are Everywhere

Ogres hiding everywhere; Flesh wounds leaving scars; Telling stories of sirens; Knife throwers and tyrants; Carving confusion; Suspense leads to illusion; Black noise, black toys; I could never stop i...

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