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1. A Change Is Coming

When I'm thinking about all the things I do; I made a promise to you; Lord I know that I still owe my life to you; I've given you my word; I haven't done what I said I would do; You're on my mind I wa...

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2. Crown Him

All of heaven shall declare your glory; The glory of a risen lord and king; The church is here and we will tell your story; The story of your soon and certain coming; Most holy lord, lion of judah; Mo...

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3. Do You Believe

There was a man who walked through the city of jericho; And there was little man, he wanted to see this Jesus; But there was a crowd around; And he just couldn't seem to get a good view; So he ran ahe...

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4. First Love

At a quiet time and in a quiet place; I can hear your voice as you speak to me; Like a lowly lamb that is laying down to sleep; Lord you speak through you word and it soothes me; Never let me loose my...

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5. Gotta Forgive Them

Living in another place, not knowing the God of Grace; People can be so cruel; Doing what they know to do, Sinful through and through; But it's all they ever knew; If we want to show them Jesus we got...

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6. I Need a Savior

Standing alone in the night, only you and me to my delight; You said to me you're not alone; I needed to hear you lord I cried; And I need you here right by my side; There's no other to whom I belong;...

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7. I Surrender All

All to Jesus I surrender; All to him I freely give; I will ever love and trust him; In his presence daily live; I surrender all, I surrender all; All to thee my blessed savior; I surrender all; All to...

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8. Immeasurable

Everytime I think about your goodness in my life; Everytime I dream about eternity, I can’t describe; How I feel inside, how it coincides; With what you word has promised me; I’m so happy that I know ...

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9. More Than Enough

When I wake up in the morning and I see the light of day; I know just what they're thinking and I know what they're gonna say; The news on the television, gloom, doom and despair; Another child is tak...

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10. The Least Of These

There stood an old man in his eyes a story of woe; He laid down his head on a cold dirt road; Then you walked by and he asked you for some change; Here was your chance to make a difference; But you lo...

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11. Through The Rain

Isn't amazing when we find that we're down; Spinnin in a circle going round and round; Isn't lonely when fear surrounds; Still his love abounds; Been holding on too long; Singin that same old song; Ya...

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12. What Will Be Your Legacy

We are on a journey, a destiny; That for sure will come to an end; Life's gonna pass with certainty; On this you can depend; Time is on your side; Still you can decide; What you'll leave behind; God i...

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