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1. Dispensary Girl

[Hook]; Oh, oh-oh-oh; I think I'm in love again; Oh, oh-Oh-oh; She gives me my medicine and we, was meant to be; She works at the dispensary, and every time I; See her she gets me oh so high! [Verse 1...

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2. Don't Need

Sitting on a park bench on the d low; Feeling like clark kent's alter-ego; Throwing out bread smidgens; To the eager-to-be-fed pigeons; I could loaf around, laugh all day; But unless I got another loa...

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3. Rosana

Yeah, uh, yeah, uh; Ow ow, yeah, ow ow ow ow; Check it out; My chick is one out of a million, she a grand prize; Met her on the dash bus up in Van Nuys; That pretty face, accent, and them tan thighs; ...

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4. This One's On Me

[Hook]; This one's on me; Don't worry 'bout it; Put down your wallet it's cool; This one's on me; Go have another, I've got it covered; It's the least I can do; This one's on me; [Verse 1]; Meet me at...

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