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1. Diamond Moon

In the morning i heard a melody; Beautiful like a piece of jewellery; It came from the sky to embrace my soul; It was sunlightspirits, sining to my console; 'Cause I lose my senses; Every moonlit nigh...

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2. Floating

Leaving the earthly room; Without any specific direction; I've let my sensations bloom; In a telepathic connection; With the soul and the waterfields; Keeping my wish unspoken; A wish to conquer the b...

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3. Mountains

My inner sea ended at a lonely coast; I couldn't flee, in the mirror I saw a ghost; I screamed to the mountains, as I started to lose my mind; Headed for the summit of madness, peeling its rind; Its l...

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4. Painting Without Colours

I saw a canvas in a dream; It was coloured with an expreesive stream; Of flaming novas and comet's gleam; From an unknown place; Merged inside a golden frame; There were mystic sky-scapes aflame; Head...

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5. Scarytale

Darkness set it sails; Be prepared for a scarytale; "All the souls that once have sinned dance on a cold wind"; From another world, a face of stale; The remains of a restless soul; Leading the hauntin...

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6. The Astral Factor

I slip into a state of vibration; Of the mind, body and soul's liberation; The objects reform by a coecistence; The astral factor; I'm leaving the physical world behind; Flying through the galaxies of...

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7. Timewind

A sweeping motion; In the lunar ocean; Silently lures, To change the universe; It's a wind that will last; Transforming presents to past; Life's abounding mysteries; Turn to fading memories; So, forge...

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