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1. Argonne Forest

Red memories of pyres, so long ago; Fiery troops left as smoldering embers; Broken dreams, shattered like glass; The edges still sharp, to slash and dismember; Wasted lives? Or noble ends? -; innocent...

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2. Asylum

The fears of an idealistic society; Strike down the individual; Moral oppression of cival rights; Denial of our so called; freedom increasing; Eccentricity, is our cry of struggle; Echoes from the Tow...

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3. Cimmerian Shadows

Stifled screams fill the chamber; Bleeding minds flow through the door; Fallen kings have lost their power; Withering knights look upon in horror; Innocence captured, chained, and beaten; Minds strong...

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4. Control And Resistance

Human influence shapes human thought; Few question, few answer, praising innovation; Society seeking conformity; Society thriving on regulation; Observe and repeat, observe and repeat; Maintain the st...

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5. Energetic Disassembly

Match the code make no mistake, error could be fatal; Turn the key... launch on warning; Sleek missles streak the sky with exhaust; target awaits, the holocaust; We have passed the point of no return;...

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6. Meltdown

Theres an air of urgency, the wail of sirens pierces the night; The damage has already been done, irreversible accidents, security's tight; This is not a drill, it's a drastic tragedy to cope with; Ti...

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7. Social Fears

In the system of humanity; Spreads a prejudiced disease; The suppression of each generation; By the previous idealogy; To voice their opposition; To our ever-advancing culture; In varying forms of obj...

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8. Tyrants In Distress

Tyrants control - overwhelming, overbearing; Rebels are marching - into their midst; To bring them down - and cease the cruelty; Do as they wish -; and remember only fear; The reign of tyranny falls, ...

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9. Violent Change

Oceans push forward - Oceans recede; Continually altering the masses of land; Continents shift with massive force; And spread chaos among; our crumbling cities; In retaliation we reap the land clean; ...

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