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1. Any Gun Can Play

I'm finally here; But where the fuck am I; It's a different place; I can tell time; But they can tell me I'm the american; The simple scars giving me away; I'm feeling naked among the wolves; Like a n...

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2. Black Daze

Black daze; No cage; The artist loses and; The right wing stays; A nine mill; The best still; Don't tell nobody; But I just might kill; Good night sleep tight; Don't you let those mother fuckin'; Bed ...

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3. Blind Nuns

A holy woman a guiding light; A chosen one she'll set you right; Shes a soul a nun shes a slutty lesbian; Respect her and praise her; Admire her and follow her; But in the night she's a dyke; Two sist...

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4. Born Deprived

Raised by money they been deprived; Look at them with bleeding eyes; They laugh at the sounds of all your cries; They can't even believe t heir lies; But still you do as you are told; Your ethnic valu...

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5. Flush The Bouncers

You can be what you want to, don't have to listen to no one Stand up for what; you believe in, you are no man's slave Start thinking on your own, just do what; you want Don't think what's right or wro...

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6. Fuck Authority

We can live our own lives; fuck authority! What is wrong we'll decide; fuck authority! You need not to fight; fuck authority! Stand up for your rights; fuck authority! Officials give us too much shit;...

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7. Gang Violence

Lyin' in the street; Gotta bullet in your chest; Another drive by shooting; Effective and the best; Home boy was doa; Shot 'em twice in the head; Something that he did; Something that he said; No one ...

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8. Good Day For a Hanging

No new directions no none at all; 'cuz up to now my life; It's been a ball; This party just can't end; My soul I must defend; And now they're telling me; My life has just begun; I don't think that the...

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9. Ordinary Woman

Let me introduce myself; As one who truly knows; Been around the block a few times; I think it shows; But when it comes to strokin' fur; You know I'm first in line; Lover of that female touch; My one ...

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10. Problem Child

No mind, doesn't think at all; Problem child is no one's friend; Damn that kid, always in a fight; Problem child, just hates life; He lives a life in a state of fear; He has a knife that he keeps near...

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11. Punk For A Day

You will never find me if you want to catch me Cause you'll; never find me it's a game of hide and seek You will look; for me but you'll never find me Cause now I'm gone for good; [repeat verse]

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12. Reagan's In

Reagan's in we're going for good We'll fight and kill the best we could No one cares if we die Reinstate the draft and tell us lies You fight a war where no one wins Where people die and bodies burn R...

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13. Teenage Nark

Now I'm working for the school I try my best to look cool Are there drugs going; down? Must find out I'll hang around Principal's my best friend I do a job that; never ends I'm the new teenage nark I'...

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14. The Gift Of Death

I'm walking through the jungle; In my brand new war machine; It's something you have never seen; I come to take away your breath; I come to give the gift of death; Reason why; I'll tell you why; Today...

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15. We Were On Heroin

I need it, I must have it Kill and steal and fight to get it, I need it, must; have it Holes in my arms mean nothing, I need it, must have it I'll lose; everything I own to buy it, just to have it I d...

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16. You're A Jerk

You don't mean nothing to me You're not cool so blow away You're a jerk What I see is a jerk you know What you are is a fool you know Well, I don't want nothing from you You're a jerk so blow away You...

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17. Young And Bored

Speed kills; Cheap thrills; with points or pills; Speed kills; Why I'm always high I don't know; Is my life a lie I don't know; will I ever try I don't know; Cuz I think I'm gonna die; I just don't kn...

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